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2015- 2016


Jan, 2016 Amsterdam

I didn't do it this year, had no words I guess. But since I decided to upload here the New year Eve's pictures from Amsterdam, I'll write a bit now.

This year I decided to take my grandmothers family name, strange, now it feels like I had it forever. So my name is Daria Geller now.

Couldn't sound more jewish, ha?

This 2015 seems like it was too long, so many faces. I have seen Norway, Danmark and Austria, went to Moscow 100 times, started to work on a documentary movie, collaborate with a production here in Israel. And yes, this place, actually doesn't seem to be a village anymore, though I still dream of France.

This year for the first time I felt like I am getting old soon and there is no time for being lazy or shy.

It came out that anything you do might get bigger and better if you give it a kick.


Oh, yeah, I forgot that I am a romantic person and every years confession post comes with a quote, so here you go:

You can find hell and also heaven in every room.

A little bit of evilness and men to men are hell. A little bit of mercifulness and men to men are heaven. c



Oh, my love, Alright!

Here are some pictures from my first music video shot in Israel.

We didn't have much though, just a C100 and easy rig, oh well. They called me a week before the shooting, but I said yes immediately because these guys are amazing:) If you will ever come to Israel, you should know about a place called Yaffo Creative, first of all its an amazing place to stay for a week or so, buut they also make great parties and music evenings, that where I first heard all the little but talented and very unique mid east music bands! So the owner and king of this place is Amnon, he was the director of this music video, by the way you can find this music video in "cinematography" section.

So, yeah, just few backstage pics:


Some jewish happy things

I decided to post here more of the pictures ive got, cause there are so many of them! So it will look more like a blog, just like it says on the icon pic. So when i was looking for different backstage photos I found these. This is first haircut of Erik, my friend's Ira son, if you didnt know, jews dont cut kids hair until they are 3 years old. They say that "the child is a receiver, not yet ready to give. At the age of three, children’s education takes a leap—they are now ready to produce and share their unique gifts".

I just love any kind of traditions and I adore this family, I would say, looking at Ira really made me want to have my own kinds one day, you should hear the way she talks about him and the way she looks at him.

Anyway, here are some pics from that day




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